• The Orchard in Bloom
    The Orchard in Bloom
  • Awaiting the Apples
    Awaiting the Apples
  • Beautiful Day in the Orchard
    Beautiful Day in the Orchard

Cider Production

Cider Making Courses

Hybadore is home to a start-up business called Fowey Valley Cider.

We have a one acre orchard full of local apple varieties from which is being made a range of ciders and cider vinegars. And our own small custom-built cidery. First off the production line later in 2014 will be Fowey Valley Sparkling Vintage Cider, currently undergoing its second fermentation in Champagne bottles.

Our apple season starts in late September and runs to late November. If you are interested in learning how to make cider during this period we offer one or two day courses for beginners. With the one day course you will learn how to pick apples, clean them and press them using equipment you may already have at home or can purchase for a few pounds. Then how to ferment the juice and find out about the various styles of cider you can then produce from this base. There will be a chance to more learn about (and taste) the various styles of cider right from scrumpy through to champagne style cider and everything in between. Everyone will come away with a demijohn of actively fermenting juice and instructions on what to do with it when you get home.

With the two day course as well as learning how to make cider on a home scale you will be given further insight into our medium to large scale cider production methods, and learn a little about the science of cidermaking 

We can easily extend the cider course up to five days if you are interested in learning even more. Including visiting other local cider makers. Such a course can be tailored to your specific aspirations, abilities and resources.

Let us know if you are interested. Costs are £50 per person, per day, minimum 3 people.